iPhone X Video Test

December 11, 2017


This video technically qualifies for the Shot on the iPhone video series, as it was shot entirely on the iPhone X. We were able to get our hands on Apple's latest flagship phone, to test the capabilities of the iPhone's camera. After playing around with the different settings, I was able to put together a short video that showcases some of the best shots I was able to capture. I am thoroughly convinced that this is the best and most capable smartphone camera in the market.

A few differences that stood out from other competitors, is that the iPhone maintained the picture colors more true-to-life and kept the picture at a very smooth sharpness level. To elaborate more on that, the picture quality was not overstated or chiseled, compared to other smartphone cameras. 


Shooting Settings, Equipment, and Conditions


-This video was shot using the Filmic Pro app with the following settings: 4K resolution, 60 fps (slowed down accordingly in post.)

-I used the Evo Shift smartphone gimbal to obtain the smooth shots.

-Edited and color corrected in Premiere Pro

-Weather was overcast in the late afternoon. 


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December 11, 2017

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